An increasing number of 酒ries seem to think so, reaching out to their customers through special labeling, 网站的评论, 和 酒 club emailings to tap into shared interests — thus enhancing the 酒ries’ br和s, 确保饮酒者的忠诚, 葡萄酒销量的增长.

在1980年代中期, a small Delaware bank called MBNA became a major financial institution when it discovered people loved to see the names 和 logos of their alma maters, 他们最喜欢的运动队, or even social causes boldly printed on their credit cards. 这些新卡片, which constituted a disruptive step by replacing a bl和 bank’s name, 被称为“亲和卡”.”

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现在, 酒ries are discovering that this affinity marketing works with 酒 buyers as well, as 酒 drinkers clamor for bottles affiliated with a specific racial, 少数民族, or gender identity; social or medical cause; or even grape variety — especially if the 酒ry gives a donation for each bottle purchased.

“Gen Z is driving minority-owned alcohol br和s,” says 360PR 公关人员卡蒂·瓦尔扎尼亚(Catie Valzania)援引最近的一篇报道说 Drizly调查 显示, “Nearly one third of Gen Z buyers polled cited minority-ownership — BIPOC, 女性, AAPI, LGBTQ+ 和 so on — as their biggest purchase driver apart from price.”

酒 drinkers are notorious cheerleaders for their favorite varietals 和 酒 blends. 最早的粉丝俱乐部之一是 罗纳河游骑兵, spurred on by R和all Grahm’s loony Bonny Doon blends 和 labels featuring grapes originating in France’s Rhône Valley. 的爱好者 波尔多 混合(meritage)和ZAP(仙粉黛倡导者) & 制片人)也没过多久. And older readers developed an affinity for Pinot Noir through the inebriated rants of Miles in the 2004 movie “Sideways.”

Much recent affinity 酒 marketing has been altruistic, centering around medical causes. The fight against breast cancer has resulted in the color pink 和 rose-colored bows appearing on many labels. 一个长期的支持者就是这样 克莱恩酒窖该机构已向美国联邦调查局(fbi)提供了大量捐款 全国乳腺癌联合会Susan G. 科曼基金会.

这个夏天,加州的酒庄 J. Lohr showed its support of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) by launching a “Words & 酒” book club, a portion of whose proceeds goes to the foundation. 八月的Facebook直播活动, 和 later for the NKF 33rd annual authors luncheon, Lohr offered an online package of three of its varietals along with novelist Brit Bennett’s “消失的一半“以99美元的价格. As part of its affinity pitch, Lohr offered a 15 to 20 percent price reduction for club members.

Benovia酒厂 为慈善机构创建特殊标签. 其“解放”之行 黑皮诺霞多丽, initially commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of France in World War II, 每买一件就捐10美元给 Gary Sinise基金会, which honors 和 supports defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, 和 those in need. And a portion of its “Courageous Care” Pinot Noir sales go to 美国供养直接救济.

在意大利, 世界上最古老的葡萄酒家族之一, 的Frescobaldis, started one of the world’s most ambitious “cause” projects 10 years ago, hiring inmates on the prison isl和 of Gorgona to tend vineyards 和 使 酒 there. Frescobaldi uses the grapes in its Gorgona red 和 white to fund the project, 每瓶售价超过100美元. 此外, Frescobaldi helps inmates use these skills to get jobs in 酒 production, 包括Frescobaldi, 一次发布.

“在Gorgona, 被它的香味和味道包围着, is everything one could want: love for this isl和, 男人的爱的呵护, 对美好生活的希望,酿酒厂首席执行官Lamberto Frescobaldi说. “All elements that combine to bring forth a 酒 that is inimitable, 与生俱来的独家, 也是希望和自由的象征.”

The way these 酒ries inform customers about the causes they support usually goes beyond labels. “每年, we donate one percent of sales to charitable organizations delivering healthy food to those in need,达纳·斯波尔丁说, 创始人兼首席执行官 漫步+常春藤. “当客户访问m6米乐下载苹果的在线葡萄酒m6米乐下载地址时, 他们看到了m6米乐下载苹果的口头禅:“给你一杯。, 百分之一.在m6米乐下载地址里买酒的时候, customers also learn about our mission via our custom displays 和 signage.”

而葡萄酒的应用 Sippd使 酒, it guides its users to producers whose values align with their own through its “m6米乐下载地址 What Matters to You Collection,” featuring 酒ries that support animal welfare 和 Covid-19 relief or are Black-owned. “Inclusivity is a crucial part of our company initiatives,” says Blake Hershey, Sippd’s CEO. “Our team is proud to highlight diverse owners 和 amplify the reach of br和s committed to the positive change needed in our society to 使 a lasting impact”

在Covid-19封锁, 酒ries hosted online events 和 direct-to-consumer appeals via one of the strongest affinity vehicles of all: 酒ry clubs 和 loyalty programs. As a result of this increased direct-to-consumer reach, a 2021 Silicon Valley Bank report predicts online DTC efforts “will represent 20 percent of an average 酒ry’s sales within five years.”

接下来? 除了慈善装瓶,酿酒商 设置 has begun offering special-label 酒s for event marketing, 客户包括洛杉矶湖人队. 所以下次你想为你的球队加油的时候, it may be offering up a toast with a glass of its affinity 酒.

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