The events of the past year have only highlighted alcohol’s important ability to transport drinkers via the glass. And few categories currently offer such exciting opportunities for exploration as world 威士忌.

While America, Irel和, 和 Scotl和’s roots in the category run deep, in recent years producers in 日本台湾 have shaken up the space, prompting drinkers to consider the world’s “other” 威士忌 regions. And there’s much to embrace: From Australia 和 Israel to France 和 印度, distillers in a growing number of nations are reimagining 威士忌, 在传统的基础上加上当地的食材, 创新, 以及 独特的气候.

提供了9个不同寻常的目的地来开启这段旅程, 这是现在最适合喝的新世界威士忌.


阿尔弗雷德·吉罗法国麦芽威士忌 is one of the 9 best new world 威士忌s.

This triple malt French 威士忌 combines three malt distillates (two non-泥炭 和 one lightly 泥炭),它们在一系列的前白兰地 以及新的法国和美国橡木桶. 名副其实, 最终的混合是无缝的, with the aromas 和 flavors of each base spirit married into one elegant 和 inviting malt 威士忌. 尽管他的鼻子相对来说是默默无闻的, 泥炭味让你的味蕾充满活力, 在不过量的情况下引领风味. 虽然毫无疑问昂贵的, if you’re willing to spend extra to splurge on something majestic 和 exciting, 这瓶酒的高价是合理的. 平均价格:190美元.


Amrut融合单一麦芽威士忌 is one of the 9 best new world 威士忌s.

生产在班加罗尔, 印度, this 单一麦芽威士忌 is distilled from 印度n barley 和 泥炭 barley imported from Scotl和. 自2009年推出以来, Amrut Fusion已经获得了几十个奖项, 品尝后,你很快就会明白其中的原因. Layers of different flavors 和 aromas arrive in perfect harmony — peat is one of those, but it’s an individual component in this extraordinary 和 complex spirit. The light kiss of smoky 地球 weaves perfectly among its extravagant dried fruits, 活泼的核果, 还有一种颓废而又微妙的甜蜜. 平均价格:73美元.


Cotswolds Distillery Founder's Choice Single Malt Whisky is one of the 9 best new world 威士忌s.

Cask-strength bottlings don’t occupy as much of the shelf space within 苏格兰威士忌 就像美国威士忌一样, 和 high ABV is just one of a few instances where this English 单一麦芽威士忌 ties those categories together. 在旧的红酒桶中陈酿, 橡木的影响从一开始就抓住了感官, with the aromatics arriving richer 和 more decadent than single-malt drinkers will be accustomed to. 焦糖, 可可, 而成熟的红色浆果则是最美味的, leaving a lasting impression of a powerful English 单一麦芽威士忌 that speaks with an American accent. 平均价格:78美元.

Gouden Carolus单麦芽威士忌

Gouden Carolus单麦芽威士忌 is one of the 9 best new world 威士忌s.

This 单一麦芽威士忌 draws much inspiration from beer, which only befits its Belgian roots. 由Het Anker制作, the 威士忌 shares both its name 和 mash bill with the brewery’s Gouden Carolus Tripel beer. 在首先满足 波本威士忌 casks 和 then “Anker ” barrels (casks repurposed to the producer’s specific requirements), 它立刻变得富有和颓废. The palate is well rounded 和 approachable, but not shy on flavor or depth. 平均价格:62美元.


M&H元素雪利酒桶单麦芽威士忌 is one of the 9 best new world 威士忌s.

以色列的米&H酒厂, 牛奶和蜂蜜是什么意思,” claims this to be the first-ever 单一麦芽威士忌 matured in Kosher sherry casks. The impact of those vessels is notable without taking over the show, presenting a great example of casks being used as a tool rather than an ingredient. 甜美的雪利果味充满了鼻腔和味蕾, evidence of maturation 和 the character of the base spirit are just as easy to identify. 干果味, 地球, 和 caramel don’t linger on the finish but rather st和 out boldly, 宣称这场派对短期内不会结束. 平均价格:65美元.


Penderyn蒸馏厂单一麦芽威士忌马德拉完成威尔士 is one of the 9 best new world 威士忌s.

当它在2004年推出的时候, Penderyn became the first 威士忌 distillery to operate in Wales in over 100 years. 它的“黄金”单麦芽威士忌系列之一, this 威士忌 ages in ex-波本威士忌 casks before a finishing period in former Madeira barrels. 两棵橡树在鼻子和味蕾上最闪亮, making this a great pick if you typically enjoy cask-finished releases. Yet the subtle character of malt distillate is also present to enjoy. 平均价格:69美元.

Reisetbauer & 儿子12岁单一麦芽威士忌

Reisetbauer & 儿子12岁单一麦芽威士忌 is one of the 9 best new world 威士忌s.

Distiller Hans Reisetbauer grows many of the base ingredients that go into his eaux de vie, 明确的精神粮食, 在他的奥地利庄园里喝威士忌. This 12-year-old release quickly identifies itself as an outlier in the single- malt space. 它带有独特的雪松木香气, 香料, 和果园的水果, 以一种草本的味道结束. 同样的美味, 绿色的复杂性继续在味觉上, 哪一种会以辛辣达到高潮, 干果的笔记. 比大多数单一麦芽威士忌淡, this 威士忌 delves into a botanical territory that at times feels like barrel-aged gin. 我只想说,这是个小酒吧. 平均价格:145美元.

Starward Nova澳洲单一麦芽威士忌

Starward Nova澳洲单一麦芽威士忌 is one of the 9 best new world 威士忌s.

澳大利亚的Starward被证明是一个热心的社区成员, with the nation’s brewers 和 winemakers each playing a part in this release. Its malted barley mash calls upon brewer’s yeast for fermentation, while the finished distilled spirit rests exclusively in red-wine barrels from Australian wineries. The combination delivers bright red fruit 和 baking 香料 notes in bold but balanced proportions. 它有足够的成熟和复杂性,可以用来啜饮, but don’t shy away from mixing this in your favorite 威士忌 cocktails. 平均价格:$ 51.


Stauning Floor Malted Rye is one of the 9 best new world 威士忌s.

From the West Coast of Denmark, this is a stunning reimagination of 黑麦威士忌. 由麦芽黑麦和大麦蒸馏而成, it adeptly recalls the caraway seeds that typify traditional rye breads 和 Nordic cuisine in general. But the aromas arrive with more depth 和 a fuller character than expected — a phenomenon that continues when sipping. 而这将吸引普通黑麦酒者, it displays extra layers 和 dimensions that will surely please all 威士忌 aficionados. 平均价格:80美元.